Toripng store offers three different grades of enamel pins. These grades are “A,” “B,” and “C.”
They are defined as follows.

A Grade

A Grade is for pins with 0-1 noticeable flaw. The reason why I include the “0-1” flaws is in the case one pin’s flaw is something I miss on the first few checks. A Grade pins are perfect for collectors who like to display and look at pins closely or for those who want to photograph pins in different settings or dioramas.

B Grade

B Grade is for pins with 1-2 noticeable flaws. Generally the flaws will be things like: small specs, low enamel color fills, or possible metal color differences. B Grade pins are perfect for people looking to use the pin for something like a bag or board.

C Grade

C Grade is for pins with 2 or more noticeable flaws. From far away, these flaws are not visible but they will be seen up close. C Grade pins are perfect for wearing on vests or other apparel.

Toripng store does not offer “perfect grade” pins and the grades above all have the potential for a small flaw. This is the nature of handmade products. Thank you for your understanding!